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Product Jump Start package - Instalments

JUMP START your development and clear the past baggage where we’ll tackle the specific things that are holding YOU back.

  • Identify what is keeping you stuck and frustrated, and stopping you from moving forward;
  • Clear the blocks that are holding you back;
  • Break free from limiting mindsets, old beliefs and programming, heal traumas that are currently impacting your confidence, self-worth and success.

Receive six 1-on-1 sessions, where we will go deep to the core of the issue that’s been holding you back. It’s so powerful to find the destructive pattern that someone has repeated over and over again in their life. Many times when I ask, “how much has this been costing you?” and people say, “everything,” it’s both heartbreaking AND hopeful. Once you see the wound that led to the pattern you can change it, release it and heal it.

Payment structure 1191.00 AUD split into 3 30 days payments

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1st payment of 397.00 AUD