Introduction to Chakras part 1

In this video I discus the 7 major chakras as recognised in the Kundalini yoga system.

What are Chakras?
- Sankrit word chakra translates to wheel or disk
- Chakra system include the mind and the body together
- Chakras correspond to the 7 major nerve ganglier that branch out from the spine
- The nerve ganglier create the emotions, ideas and states that we often experience
- 2 currents passing through the chakras/vortices. One goes down, beginning in Spirit and descending into Matter. The other begins in Earth and rises up into Spirit.

How do Chakras affect your life?
- conflict in certain life issues can cause chakras to become too open, too closed, congested, blocked or damaged.
- This can influence your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
- Can also affect the way in which you think, act and respond to others and events
- Can lead to disorder and disease in the areas of the body governed by those chakras.
-Blockages or damage in one of the centres/chakras can affect the flow of energy to the other centres.

There are many ways to balance the chakras including:
• Emotional work and healing
• Movement
• What you eat and drink
• Nature
• Supplements
• Drugs
• Colour therapy
• Crystals
• Essential oils
• Energy healing such as Reiki
• Sound and other healing modalities.

Each chakra has its own characteristics associated with it, including parts of the body, emotions, beliefs, vows, colour, sound and food. I’ll talk about these more in later videos.

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